As we welcome 2020, we look forward to another fantastic year at Seifert Law Offices. As we anticipate what the New Year holds, we also want to acknowledge all the great work and progress that 2019 brought to our offices.

2019 was monumental for Seifert Law Offices – marking 30 years of business! Two more employees have joined our team, Noelia and Jessica, who have been spectacular additions to our office and company culture. We have officially spent 5 years at our “new” location at the Waterfront in Downtown Olympia and are thrilled with the community we are continuing to build. Seifert Law is looking forward to other community partners we will work closely with within the upcoming year, including Olympia Federal Savings whom we’ve developed a new banking relationship with. Also, we are pleased we were included on TVW, Washington State’s public affairs network, in a featured immigration segment.

My personal life has also come with a variety of new adventures and experiences, leaving me grateful as I look back on my past year.  In February, I went to Hawaii with one of my oldest friends. While we were there, we were greeted by snowfall at home! Life is precious and should be cherished and celebrated with those you love the most. This is why this year I helped with end-of-life paperwork for a young man and his family which was a true honor to be able to participate in.

I’ve read and listened to some great books this year including some of my personal favorites; Everything Here is Beautiful by Mira Lee, The Overstory by Richard Powers and The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide. I continue to involve and working on Brazilian Jazz music as well.

Our attorneys have stayed busy with cases and I am happy to announce great results on some significant cases including:

  • Kristina and Charlie received an expedited 601 waiver
  • Joya, and several others received a Military PIP adjustment
  • All DACA cases are approved, but are now in limbo, as the Supreme Court decides

Immigration Law comes with a variety of unpredictable circumstances and challenges – but we remain dedicated to finding solutions to solve the thorny issues our clients bring to us. In 2020 we look forward to the difference we can make in the lives of people and the community.