Client Stories

Jane Villanueva

SHARING THE JOURNEY by Jane Villanueva, Legal Assistant at Seifert Law Offices. It’s exciting and rewarding to work at Seifert Law Offices where we provide immigration legal services! It gives us the opportunity to meet so many people from various countries who desire to attain status in the United States. Recently I read about just…

Chester Henry was a U.S. citizen born in Calgary Alberta. He lived the last 30 years of his life in Hoquiam, Washington, together with his pug dogs. Chester lived nearly all of his life not knowing that he was a U.S. Citizen as well as a Canadian citizen. He died recently in Olympia, at age…

I would call my story a “miracle” story taking into account the fact that when I came to Lisa Ellen Seifert’s Law Offices, most of the lawyers have already given up upon me. Lisa and her staff were my last resort for survival. When my daughter and I first met Lisa and talked to her, we both felt…

It all started in 1989 when rebels entered Liberia with the intention of over throwing the government. Instead the rebels begin killing indiscriminately which made very insecure for everyone. At that time over half of the population of the country was compelled to seek refuge in neighboring countries. When the war in Liberia spilled over…

Seifert Law Offices helped me with the process of changing my status from F-1 to H1b, and I got what I wanted and made friends along the way. The best thing about working with Seifert Law Offices was my gain in understanding of the INS and immigration laws. This new knowledge came to me thanks to…

What Our Clients Say

  • “After a U.S. Senator could not help us get out of our country, someone told our friend in Port Townsend to contact Seifert Law Offices to help. The office immediately started my case. In less than a month the paper work was done and we were out of Guinea by January 2001. Had we not obtained the visas and stayed in Guinea we would not be alive to tell this story. Thank God we are now in the States, united with our daughter, sound and safe and thank God for Seifert Law Offices.”

    Anonymous – Immigration Client
  • “From the bottom of our hearts, my daughter and I thank Lisa Ellen Seifert and Seifert Law Offices for winning my case and all their help and for being there for us every time we needed them the most!”

    Immigration Case
  • “I recommend Seifert Law Offices to anyone seeking to get a visa but is having problems with INS. Seifert Law Offices is very understanding and kind in dealing with their clients. This office has many years of experiences in cases relating to immigration. And, above all, client’s success is the Seifert Law Offices top priority.”

    Anonymous – Family Case

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