office assistant position

Bilingual Front Office/Admin Assistant

Seifert Law Offices a small, but extremely busy, nationally known boutique law firm focused on representing immigrants and their families. We are seeking to add a bilingual receptionist/administrative assistant to work with us on a part time basis (2-3 days per week – ~20 hours/week). Requirements: • Fluent in English and Spanish (spoken and written);…

the ramifications of deportation and detention on children born in the U.S. 

The Deportation Trauma On Families

It seems so obvious that children are impacted by immigration enforcement action.  On a daily basis we hear of real abuses happening to children who are trying to enter the U.S. with or without families.  There are children born here, who are U.S. citizens who are also suffering when a parent faces deportation.   Last week…

save our children

Ways To Help Detained Immigrant Children

What is happening to immigrants at the border is shocking.  Inhumane.  It seems worse now because it is, much worse.   What is happening to children is especially bad.  It needs to change now!  There are things that everyone can do to make sure this changes.  Below are ways to help and information to call your…