I would call my story a “miracle” story taking into account the fact that when I came to Lisa Ellen Seifert’s Law Offices, most of the lawyers have already given up upon me. Lisa and her staff were my last resort for survival.

When my daughter and I first met Lisa and talked to her, we both felt some kind of enlightenment and hope even though Lisa explained that there was no guarantee for a positive outcome at all due to an exceptional complexity of my case.

Back in 2003, both my daughter and my mother were victims of Chernobyl radiation and local chemical disease. As a result, my daughter developed a serious medical conditions. Later, in 2005, my mother also came to the U.S. for cancer treatment, but unfortunately, she passed away within three months of her stay here. Consequently, my daughter and I started suffering from severe depression and panic disorder, which was reinforced by my complicated legal status.

The only hope and light in our lives was Lisa Ellen Seifert and her wonderful staff. Step by step, we learned that we were in the hands of the most brilliant attorney in the whole world. Besides an extraordinary professionalism and unsurpassed expertise in legal matters, Lisa was very friendly, warm, and loyal. I remember calling her many times, just out of despair like people would call their beloved family member, and Lisa always encouraged and inspired me in my struggle for victory. I felt she thought very highly of my daughter and myself and our achievements and treated us with a great respect.

Lisa was able to win my case in 2006! You can’t imagine our joy and happiness! Our dreams came true only because we were unbelievably lucky to find and work with such fantastic lawyer as Lisa Ellen Seifert! I highly recommend her to anyone who might be currently experiencing similar challenges I went through. If you think about asking for Lisa’s help, you may already consider yourself a winner.

From the bottom of our hearts, my daughter and I thank Lisa Ellen Seifert and Seifert Law Offices for winning my case and all their help and for being there for us every time we needed them the most!

It was a great honor for us to have had Lisa as our attorney and we will always keep Lisa and her great staff in our prayers!

God Bless Lisa and her Law Office!