Speaking to Evergreen Students about Executive Action

Yesterday I was invited to speak to a class at The Evergreen State College about Executive Action (DACA and DAPA programs). I learned some things myself when I did.

First – its just prosecutorial discretion. Consider the policeman who pulls you over when you have been speeding.  He does not HAVE to give you a ticket…. and the ICE deportation machine does NOT have to carry out a deportation just because it knows someone is here without documents.

So whats all the fuss? Why are the republicans in congress and republican governors so bent on taking it down? I suppose its this —  Once in a protected status, the government already has a system to offer offer temporary work permission, which feels like, but is not, fully legal status. So it looks like, but is not – legalization (some would say amnesty).  Those who oppose don’t like that this program looks like a law that really should be passed by Congress… (by them!)   It looks like a law, and they don’t think that the president has the authority to announce a program that looks like a law.  And so they filed a lawsuit (Texas v. U.S.) that has temporarily blocked the program. 

Thurston County Superior Court Program on Immigration

Lisa Seifert and Rebekah Fletcher presented an immigration program to the bench and bar at Thurston County Superior Court family courthouse on February 26th, 2013.  The program was a special request of Judge Anne Hirsch, who has been seeing more and more immigration issues, particularly in juvenile dependency proceedings.  She stated, “The session was truly one of the…