A lot is happening already this year for immigrants. Refugees from Syria and other middle eastern countries are flowing into Europe, which is making immigration a hot topic again in this election year. It will be a very important year for all legal residents to become citizens — do it in time to register to vote in November.

The U.S. Supreme Court announced on __ that it will accept the case involving President Obama;s Executive Action on immigration which proposed a protection for parents of U.S. citizens.   Because of this, its likely that immigration will become an even more intense topic of media concern than it is already.   Our friends at the NW Immigrant Rights Project provided this excellent summary —


United States Supreme Court Will Hear DAPA Case

After months of waiting, the Supreme Court has announced that it will hear arguments on the President’s executive actions on immigration before the 2016 election. This announcement is a crucial first step in what will be a several month long process.

We have put together this advisory in English and Spanish for community members who have questions about the President’s executive actions and for partners who work with community members who may be interested in these programs.


America’s Voice has put together a helpful graphic (below) outlining the timeline of the Supreme Court case:

While we are hopeful that the Supreme Court will issue a favorable ruling which will allow DAPA to move forward, the program is still on hold. We will continue to provide relevant updates to this ongoing case.


Upcoming DACA Clinics (NWIRP)

We are happy to continue offering free clinics to community members interested in applying for DACA. We have three clinics coming up in February, the dates of locations of which are listed at this link.