Here in Washington, the first we saw of a government response was last Monday when we heard that the Seattle immigration office, also home to the local ICE office, would be closed because of the virus for that day. Later that day we heard that it would be closed “for two weeks.” This caused a lot of confusion since there was no notice, and the agency does not answer the phone.

Business seems to be back to “normal” now at USCIS. Appointments for interviews and fingerprints and even citizenship ceremonies at the office are back on track. Anyone who feels ill is encouraged not to come to the office and to seek rescheduling of appointments. It’s not a normal time, obviously.

The immigration courts are places where lots of people gather. Should the courts close temporarily? Will they? Twitter seems to be the place to look. @DOJ_EOIR. Announcements for the Seattle court are day by day.

Immigrants in detention centers are at high risk for exposure. Since these immigrants are not held for any criminal or danger reason, the government should consider releasing them to complete their cases in a non-detained setting, even if that is months from now.