immigration Proposals

The Trump administration’s effort to add a citizenship question on the 2020 census was thwarted by the Supreme Court in late June. Its end came more conclusively two weeks later when President Donald Trump begrudgingly accepted the ruling. But advocates fear the president’s loud push will still lead to an under-count of immigrants next year.

Another anti-immigrant initiative ― to tighten restrictions on those who can obtain green cards and visas based in part on their use of social services ― could be made official within days. But the proposed change to the so-called “public charge” rule has been scaring immigrants away from accessing government services for months now.

source: Huffpost

This “effort” – is not about recouping monies paid to the wrong people.  It’s nearly impossible for a sponsored immigrant to access any public benefits.  It simply doesn’t happen.   This major priority of the administration is designed to scare people away from helping to sponsor immigrants.  Also many families are already avoiding accessing health care and other benefits.  This chilling effect is doing real harm to American families.