Rachel da Silva

I joined Seifert Law Offices in 2013. I work mostly with clients on their I-601A Provisional Waiver cases. I also help with removal defense, U visas and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases. I love this work because I get to know clients well. By the time a waiver application is complete, the applicant and their spouse have shared their life stories with me. I have spoken with their children, friends, neighbors and co-workers or have worked with them to craft the letters of support they write.

I love the work I do because of the bravery I see in our clients.

I also love the work I do because of the bravery I see in our clients. I feel lucky that I get to know them well enough that I can shape their stories and gather enough evidence to give them the best chance at success. Every one of our clients, from asylum seekers to crime victims to detainees to waiver and DACA applicants, must navigate a complex and unpredictable process. The stress involved can be overwhelming for people trying to do it alone. Months or even years of communication with government agencies, document management, submissions and resubmissions — I like thinking that my work on our clients’ behalf reduces that burden so they can care for their kids, giving each other the necessary emotional support, and keep doing the valuable work they do while we manage the legal process as it slowly grinds forward. I am very proud of our successes on our clients’ behalf.


Since becoming an attorney in 2001 I have worked on behalf of: DV survivors to get protection orders, farmworkers to get paid for all their hours and protection from dangerous chemicals, foster kids seeking the best care and permanent homes, and parents deciding to step up and be dads. I have volunteered for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to represent families seeking legal status after being victims of crime. I was the co-founder of the LGBT Law Section of the state bar association and continue to serve on its Executive Committee to provide education and support for lawyers serving LGBT clients.


Outside of my work life, I co-parent two teen boys with my partner of 24 years, and exercise just enough to enable my love of backpacking and climbing Cascade volcanoes.


Rachel da Silva