Our Services

Family Petitions

We assist in filing petitions for relatives [spouses, parents, siblings and children] of citizens and residents of the U.S. These can also include petitions on behalf of step-children and adopted children.

Citizenship Issues

There are a variety of ways for foreign nationals to become citizens. Some may apply for naturalization, others may become citizens through their family ties and many people qualify for dual citizenship. We research the issues regarding the best method to achieve citizenship based on each individual’s personal circumstances.

Deportation & Removal

We represent individuals who challenge the government’s attempts to deny them the right to remain in the United States. Our job is to defend our clients in Immigration Court and at the Board of Immigration Appeals and in various Federal Courts.

Religious Organizations

We work with Churches, Temples and Mosques to bring clergy (Ministers, Monks, Clerics, etc) as well as professional religious workers to this country to work for non-profit religious organizations.