Its a fact. Trump was elected President and the Republicans control both the House and the Senate. Immigrants are wondering, “What does this mean for me?” It means four main things:

1. There will be no major immigration reform in favor of immigrants for at least the next four years. No amnesty. No CIR. No Dream Act. Nothing like that. Trump will veto any major form of relief. It is possible that there will be major immigration reform that makes the law stricter – an “enforcement only” law. This would NOT happen quickly. It takes time for Congress to make a law for the President to sign. If they are motivated, it could happen within the first year, but is very unlikely within the first few months.

2. MOST IMPORTANT — Trump has said a lot of incendiary things in his campaign, including he would cancel DACA and ban Muslims.. But… not so fast! Remember, the way cases are processed and decided will NOT change overnight. The President cannot fire all the current government employees and replace them. There are laws preventing him from doing that. CIS, NVC, and DOS will continue with business as usual. So if your waiver, DACA, citizenship or other application case would’ve been approved yesterday, it will be approved tomorrow. In order for the President to change the procedures and do something like get rid of the Provisional Waiver program, he would have to go through an official rule-making process, which could take six months to a year.

3. ICE and Border enforcement will get more aggressive. Prepare
The best thing is to get your case filed and processed as quickly as possible before Trump and Congress have a chance to change laws and procedures. There is enough time if you do it now. If you are a permanent resident and are eligible to apply for citizenship, do not delay.

4. If you need to assess your options and make plans, get advice from our office or other lawyers. Reject rumors and don’t panic.

Contact us if you need to know more. We are with you.