A consultation is a confidential meeting to explain the details of your situation and case fully.

What other information is exchanged during this time?

Your consultation is the perfect time to discuss future timelines and fees. All information shared is confidential, which allows an opportunity for more honest and complete explanations. Even if you do not decide to move forward with hiring the lawyer, you may receive professional advice on how to proceed on your own.

What else should you do to prepare?

Be sure to ask tough questions! Getting comprehensive information from who you’ll be working with is essential for building rapport and transparency. Don’t be afraid to ask for references – it is better to be confident in whom you choose to represent you.

If you decide to work with the attorney by the end of the consultation, you will have to sign a retainer agreement and possibly make a deposit to start the case.

Remember, be cautious of any lawyers that tell you they will guarantee success or that they never lose a case.