We all have questions that come up during the immigration process that appear simple.

A friend of a former client had reached out and asked me to review a document he had worked on for USCIS (immigration). This case was for his wife who was in another country – he was on a deadline and needed it sent quickly.

That seems like an easy task, but is it?

To find out for sure, we are committed to setting up consultations with clients and other prospects to evaluate individual needs and situations.

Once an appointment is set to meet, that time allows our team at Seifert Law Offices to ask critical questions and find out more background regarding an immigration application, and any recommendations that can be made. In a 45 minute to a one-hour conversation, we can prepare you for new answers or possibly alternative strategies.

Realistically, consultations are appointments for people to ask questions about what’s possible, and what is not always possible, develop strategies in cases that cannot be acted on right now – and, most importantly, to get the honest advice that a petition cannot be filed.

Unfortunately, sometimes there can be no positive prospects that any amount of money can fix.

While that’s not the sought-after solution, we will happily inform you of if, and when, it’s not a good idea to spend your money on a solution that will never come.

For more information on how we can help you navigate big or small questions in your case, no matter how complex, schedule a consultation with us today!