Mario & Fidelina, A Success Story - 2018

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Mario and Fidelina are the parents of a military member.  They had been undocumented in the U.S. for over 20 years.  Last month they became residents as beneficiaries of the Military Parole In Place or PIP program.  This allows certain relatives of military members as well as veterans to achieve status in the United States.

Jerry, Yuan Yuan & Seifert Law Offices - 2020

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After 17-months of anticipation, Jerry and Yuan Yuan’s journey to legally living together in the United States finally came to fruition when Yuan Yuan received her visa in October of 2019. Jerry describes the experience of obtaining a visa for his wife as a smooth process, crediting that to the representation of Seifert Law Offices.
After the first meeting the couple had with Lisa, they felt they found the answer to all their anxieties. Now, having a professional on their side, they left her to take charge of all the paperwork and understanding the legal jargon so the two could sit back and fill out the paperwork.
“She [Lisa] attended our interview with us. The visa documents Lisa and her staff put together helped make the process smooth and easy. There were no problems, as [if] she had almost all possibilities covered in preparation,” said Jerry.
From Lisa, owner, and lawyer at Seifert Law Offices, to the other assistants in the office, Jerry said he couldn’t have asked for better immigration representation than the lawyers at Seifert Law Offices, and highly recommends those searching for an immigration lawyer to consider their firm. “Lisa is the best! She has a great staff, and was honest and thoughtful from day one and gave us hope and confidence. She makes the hard things seem easy,” said Jerry regarding his experience at Seifert Law Offices.
Before finding Seifert Law Offices, the couple tried to understand the visa application on their own. However, found the process to be more challenging to understand than anticipated. They turned to online tools and resources for assistance but always left sites feeling more confused and overwhelmed than before.
The couple found Seifert Law Offices after googling Immigration Specialists in the Puget Sound area. Jerry said what inspired the couple to give the firm a call was the positive approval ratings found online from past clients.
“They are rated the best for a good reason. We cannot thank Seifert Law Offices enough for all their work. They did all the hard stuff and made it so much easier for us,” said Jerry.
“Lisa offered us possible solutions, plus a concise strategy for obtaining a visa. She made us feel positive about our situation, and it was very comforting,” said Jerry.
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