Political Asylum

Asylum is a key part of the immigration legal system in the U.S.  Individuals and families fleeing persecution, discrimination and other harm are guaranteed a right to seek protection in this country.   Asylum cases involve the application of international human rights law.

A person fleeing harm or persecution due to his or her race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or social group is a refugee.  As she enters the U.S. she may ask for protection in the form of political asylum.   The United States has a relatively harsh set of policies for deciding these cases, some of which are decided by the USCIS asylum office and some of which are decided by an Immigration Judge when a case is placed in removal proceedings.  Sadly, at present, the government presumes that claims are fraudulent and that people are lying to get into the U.S.  Our office, alongside regional non-profit immigrant assistance offices, such as the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (, help individuals apply for asylum and related benefits.

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