What is a Consultation?

A consultation is a confidential meeting with an attorney . At this meeting you will have an opportunity to fully explain your situation, and the attorney may be able to offer you strategies and options. Timelines and the basis for any fees are also discussed at this time. Depending on how well prepared you are, the attorney may be able to give you advice on how to proceed on your own, which could be very important when time is of the essence. Even if you do not decide to hire the attorney, the information you discussed is subject to the lawyer-client privilege, so complete and honest explanations are best. The consultation is your chance to find out more about the lawyer and his or her experience. Be wary of any lawyers who tell you that they can guarantee success or that they have never lost a case. Ask tough questions, and ask for references if you feel you need more information. At the conclusion of the consultation, if you and the attorney decide to work together, you will be asked to sign a retainer agreement and in most cases, to make a deposit to begin the case.
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