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 The Best Immigration Attorney in Washington State !

  Lisa and her Team helped us through a complicated and long process of obtaining a green card for my wife. Lisa was honest with us from the very beginning and told us what to expect during the entire immigration process. Having her at our final Interview was critical and very reassuring. We cannot thank Lisa and her team enough. There's a good reason she is listed as the Top Immigration Attorney in Washington State. She proved it to us.


Posted by Jerry
Oct  2020

  Thank you and your team for making us possible!

  My wife and I went through a very long process and had many problems with the government. But finally Lisa and her awesome team made it possible. We really appreciate Lisa and we are very thankful for all their help!!! Great communication. Moral of the story get a lawyer from the beginning and don’t try and do it by yourself. That was our Mistake, but Lisa fixed it in the End :-)

Posted by Dustin

April 20, 2018

Great attorney highly recommend

  I just want to say wow!!! Lisa and her staff were great to work with. Me and my husband were trying to fix his legal status and went to 2 other attorneys before Lisa one we got through almost the whole process and paid all his fees and then was dropped and was told he couldn't pursue the case. Another declined to take his case, he said it would be to difficult. Lisa was recommended by a family friend and she was up front and said it would not be easy but was there every step of the way. She told us she would not send him to Mexico unless she was at least 60% sure he would be granted his green card. When we went to her office before the interview one of her staff walked us through every step that my husband would have to do while in Mexico. They set up his medical and fingerprints gave us everything laid out. They even recommended hotels we could go to with our 3 year old. I've known others who have gone down their less prepared and had no clue. Lisa is well worth the money she charges and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She won't steer you wrong or fill you with false hope.

Posted by Elizabeth
January 2, 2018

 I needed professional help.
  After marrying my wife, I needed help bringing her into this country to stay. Lisa took care of everything that was needed to be done and at better prices and in less time than previous immigration attorneys that I foolishly tried before her. I wish I had came to her office first. I would hire her again if needed and would recommend her if ever possible. A definite 10.

Posted by Raymond
December 28, 2017

 Married and with my Wife, Thank you!
  The process is very long and full of paperwork, having Lisa and her staff help me through the process was so beneficial for us. We had complications of my wife being from one country but living in another and trying to come here. Being able to ask questions and get fast answers made it so easy and having Lisa there at our immigration interview was comforting to know that we had representation and relieved the burden of wondering if we forgot something or didn't fill out the right form. We are now married, my wife has a green card, and we are very grateful for the services provided by Lisa and her staff!

Posted by Jason
March 29, 2017

    Smooth Process   5.0 stars
  My wife and I moved to Washington and needed a lawyer to process my I-485 application to adjust my legal status to become a permanent resident. Lisa and her team guided us throughout the whole process. They provided us with checklists of documents we needed and checked in with us as forms and deadlines came from the USCIS. Even before our application was put together, they guided my wife through her Citizenship application also. Our process was smooth throughout, and with no setbacks. Ultimately, we were very happy with the Seifert Law team. They came highly recommended by our old immigration lawyer in Portland and it was rightly so.

Posted by Alfredo
May 20, 2015

 Genuine and extremely knowledgeable immigration lawyer
  Lisa is a very humble genuine person who has always provided me and my family with the best legal services. Lisa personally cares for immigration issues which made a huge difference for our situation. Lisa provided time bound and specific legal services, she was always fair in the legal fees. I would highly recommend Lisa for any one looking for best immigration in Washington state.

Posted by Sameer
October 13, 2014

Very knowledgeable and helpful attorney.
Gave excellent advice on our immigration.
  My fiance and I came to Lisa to learn about the immigration process and what to expect. She carefully listened to our plans and suggested a different approach would save us time, money and stress. She understood our situation immediately after we explained it, and explained exactly what to do and how it was better than alternative options.
  She was able to refer us to affordable doctors in the area, and had copies of all the paperwork we needed on hand. When we had a question after our initial consultation, she emailed back immediately with all the information we needed.
  I am very grateful we decided to go to her practice, and found her to be kind and very well informed.

Posted by Peter
May 25, 2014

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