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Litigation in Immigration and Federal Courts


We represent individuals who challenge the government’s attempts to force them to leave the United States. Our job is to defend our clients in Immigration Court, at the Board of Immigration Appeals and in various Federal Courts.  We insist that the government officers, lawyers and immigration judges do justice and uphold the constitutional rights of all of our clients.
We help people in removal proceedings whether in the detention center in Tacoma (the Northwest Detention Center) or in Seattle.  Immigrants have limited rights in Immigration Court.  For example, they do not get free lawyers. We do our best to defend immigrants by insisting that the judges and prosecutors provide due process at every step. This is especially critical when the government or political groups work against immigrants and refugees.
In Immigration Court, an immigrant might apply for political asylum, withholding of removal or protection under the convention against torture (CAT). Other remedies include cancellation of removal, criminal and other waivers, and even adjustment of status.  A case in Immigration Court can take years to resolve, and our office is ready to assist you during the long process.

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