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Katey & Alonso

Updated: Jun 20

Katey & Alonso Client Story

Each client at Seifert Law has their own unique immigration experience and case. Today we’re featuring the story of Alonso and Katie—a couple living here in Washington state.

Can you give me more information about your case?

We started the process in the US last year in February. The first part of the process was done here and the other in Chile.

What was your biggest challenge before working with Seifert Law?

Alonso: There wasn't a huge challenge, and from the beginning, Lisa told me I fulfilled all the requirements, and I am a law graduate and understand the process. The most challenging part was knowing how long it could take because COVID slowed everything down.

Katey: We didn't run into a lot of obstacles because Lisa and Rebecca made everything so easy for us. I remember when I did my Visa process in Chile without any legal help, and it was challenging. So with Alonso, I knew we needed extra assistance because it can be daunting, and it was great to have Seifert Law as a resource.

What was your experience working with Lisa like?

Alonso: It was quite easy. They helped us a lot, and I felt confident in the process. I knew that I fulfilled the requirements, but I knew all the forms were done on time by Lisa, and the process was very good given all the help that was needed. Rebecca was great for answering questions and had time to discuss.

Katey: They were so available to us. It made things go by much quicker and it was such a smooth process—and like I said before, doing the process alone leaves you with so many uncertainties and worries. It can get easy to get lost in a mess of paperwork so having someone do it all for you makes it a lot less anxiety-inducing as well.

How influential was Lisa in your immigration case? Are there any specific results you can share?

Alonso: Currently, I have a one-year visa (temporary green card), and I should have a permanent green card soon in a few months. We are now just waiting for it, and it's a matter of time. I'm completely happy with the process, and stay here!

How did you feel after you had been approved/having a final solution?

Katey: It was incredibly relieving! It was like having five thousand pounds taken off my shoulder.

Alonso: I am happy because we were careful with our requirements and fulfilled them. I just knew it was a matter of time. I knew I was denied I could appeal, but it made me happy that it went smoothly and ended!

What advice would you give to someone going through the immigration process?

Katey: Have a legal advisor because they'll give you the best chance at success. There are so many different types of visas!We are fortunate we got Lisa's help. I can't imagine having done it by ourselves, seeing all the work they put into it (and they made it look simple), and when you factor in having a full-time job and other priorities, I don't know how others do it without legal assistance because it's so difficult. It was so awesome to have her great insight.



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