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Seifert Law interview with clients Yuanyuan and Jerry

Updated: Jun 20

Name: Jerry & Yuan Yuan

How did you first hear about Seifert Law Offices?

Jerry: When we decided to have my wife, who is a Canadian citizen, come to the United States in 2018. I looked on Google and looked up the best immigration lawyer in Washington, and Lisa came up. Although I didn't initially call her, I had a family attorney who also recommended Lisa. That's how I came to Seifert Law.  

What was your experience working with Lisa like?

Jerry: I met with her alone the first time. I found her to be knowledgeable, courteous, and polite. She was informative and made me feel comfortable off the bat. 

I've been a salesman for over 40 years, so I get a good idea of what people are like in a quick period of time—I felt very comfortable with her.  

When my wife came down, she also felt the same. It was a good relationship right from the beginning. We trusted her right off the bat. We found the immigration process to be complicated, and we didn't want to goof it up and lose money. We basically decided that Lisa was the best person to work with us—and she was. It was a great experience, and I continue to feel she is the best immigration attorney in the state. We've gone beyond our client & attorney relationship and now consider her a personal friend. We certainly trust her with things regarding my wife's immigration status.  

The process can be time and energy-consuming. It can go wrong, so it's important to find the right person who is professional, attentive, and detailed oriented.  

How influential was Lisa in your immigration case? 

Jerry: Very, very. We trust her implicitly. Whatever she said, we did.  With our case, there was a lot to it. My wife was originally a Chinese citizen, became a Canadian citizen, and then came down here to the United States. There were a lot of documents we would've never been able to figure out alone. I thank Lisa and the office—they were very good at gathering the information and putting it together.  

Yuan Yuan: In the whole process, she was very important. She helped me to be here and be a wife. I am going to be applying for citizenship, and it's going so smoothly—no hiccups. We've been following everything she's said, and it's all falling into place. I can't think of a better person than the way she helped us. We waited a pretty standard wait time of about 1.5 years to get my green card.  My green card is conditional. She helped assist me in removing the conditions. And everything has been going well so far.  

Would you recommend working with Lisa Seifert to someone else looking for immigration guidance?

Jerry: Absolutely, and we have.  She is undoubtedly the best in the state. We also saw that in our interview, she was handling a couple of different clients at that time. We spoke with them briefly, and they felt the same way about her. Lisa takes on some very difficult immigration cases and seems to be very successful in a majority of them. You can't argue with success.

How did you feel after you had been approved/having a final solution? 

Jerry: We were elated. Absolutely elated. It was one of the best feelings ever. Now we look forward to Lisa helping my wife becoming a citizen. Next year she is eligible, and we're looking forward to that. We always inquire and bring our questions to Lisa.  It's been a very good experience. Lisa made it easier for us, and we were fully prepared for what she suggested. We knew nothing about this, and she was able to help us.  She is very detailed, and she put everything clearly and to the full benefit of us—and that proved to be right. It was a great experience, and we never had any problems.

What advice would you give to someone going through the immigration process? 

Be prepared. The best way to do that is to do it with an attorney such as Lisa. I would recommend Lisa above all others. You just have to be prepared—it's not a game.  Be serious and prepare—don't assume. You have to be 100% about what you are putting on your form. Don't guess or assume—you have to know. If there's anything you're not sure about, ask, take them seriously, and listen.Also, if you have a good attorney, everything that seems difficult turns out to be easier. 



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